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Conservation, restoration and maintenance


The care of industrial collections can be challenging. We can assist by providing condition assessments, conservation proposals, and providing maintenance plans and undertaking conservation works. Some recent examples from our contract with Historic Scotland's collections team include the care and maintenance of collections at Kinnaird Head Lighthouse Museum, and textile machinery at Stanley Mills. We have experience on everything from wind and watermills to locomotives and ships however !



The conservation of historic metalwork is not for a general or non specialist firm. We have extensive experience in the conservation and restoration of bandstands, fountains, gates, railings, rainwater goods, metal windows and glasshouses. We can undertake pattern making and re-casting of new cast iron elements should this be required to the highest standards.



The conservation of traditional properties and structures is close to our hearts. We think it is important to maintain a sense of history and tradition, but we also know clients are increasingly keen to repair instead of replace to reduce carbon and energy use. We support this and encourage clients to retain original materials whenever possible. They add value to your property, and are often made of materials of a quality not found today.

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