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Conservation and bespoke new build - the best of both worlds



High end craftsmanship in bespoke new builds - a successfull combination. House extensions, conversions, refurbishment.



Conservation, restoration and maintenance on heritage properties and museum collections. Historic cast and wrought iron, engineeering and timber structures



Who do we work for ?

Craftsmanship is not dead - just hard to find.

We started in heritage, where respect for the craft of those who have come before us is paramount. As we started to do new build projects it became increasingly apparent that clients wanted the same thing in both sectors - attention to detail, someone they could work with who had the right experience and skills, and someone who cared about what they did and wanted to be proud of their work.


So what do we do ?


For heritage work - bandstands, fountains, gates, railings, clock towers, shelters, museum objects, steam and other early engines. We move large or complex structures sensitively. For new build - we specialise in high quality bespoke design, private and public clients, refurbishment and conservation work.

conservation and restoration of cast iron fountains, bandstands, bridges, railings, gates, engines, steam, windmills, waterwheels, windows, joinery churches, bells, 

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